Flipner AI - Capture your ideas & craft texts with AI's touch | Product Hunt
Flipner AI - Capture your ideas & craft texts with AI's touch | Product Hunt

Speak to write articles:
Boost writing speed by 10x

Pocket-sized writing assistant. Content hub.
Turn audio into articles faster than ever. In your style.

Flipner AI is an app that allows you to speak to write articles, boosting your writing speed by 10x via voice-to-text.

Create articles in a new way: use Flipner as an intelligent voice-to-text tool and content hub that turns audio snippets into ready-to-publish articles, serving as a quick assistant for writing.
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How does Flipner work?

Simply speak aloud to add your audio snippets to Flipner on the go, anywhere. Adjust styles and languages. Combine the added snippets into ready-to-use, authorial articles, preserving the original intent of the author.

Collect your thoughts and ideas
in Flipner in notes

Add your ideas in any format that suits you best
Text notes
Voice snippets
Upload your audio files
You can include headers

No more chaos. Structure your thoughts

Seamlessly transform scattered thoughts into organized notes
Merge notes into an easily usable text with just one click

Flipner can adopt your thoughts into styled texts

Tailor the style of each note or final text as you prefer
10+ styles, including business, technical, or journalistic

Edit and rewrite the text as desired

Revise and correct notes and generated texts on your own
Alternatively, request Flipner AI to rewrite the text for you based on your notes and chosen style

Need a different language?  Flipner does it all.

Collect thoughts in any language; Flipner will transform them into any of the 30+ supported languages
AI supports many languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, and more

Why is Flipner cool?

30+ supported languages ​​
10+ tones of voice and writing styles
Flipner AI is mobile-friendly. Record your audio snippets quickly as thoughts occur
User-friendly design to simplify your snippets storage and organize content
Turns your speech into ready-made articles in seconds
Efficiently and easily edit snippets right within Flipner

Why is Flipner special?

“AI is now really useful in everyday tasks such as writing and creating content. Many tools are designed for specific tasks: some help write marketing content, some create images, and others convert spoken words into text. I created an app - Flipner AI - that combines two important features for people who write a lot. First, it can turn speech into written articles, which makes writing up to 10 times faster. Second, Flipner AI lets you store all your snippets easily and access them anytime and anywhere.

I made Flipner AI to help people write articles much quicker. Normally, typing an article might take hours or days, but with Flipner, you just speak, and it turns your words into a complete article fast. This is great for creating content for blogs and social media, or any other purpose just by talking."
Alex Egorov
Founder of Flipner AI

Flipner common use cases

As an influencer, grow your social media accounts with ease using Flipner AI. Create high-quality posts effortlessly by simply recording audio snippets and combining them into posts.
As a blog author, collect snippets for blog articles. Simply dictate your ideas directly into Flipner, structure them, and turn them into polished, ready-to-post blog articles.
As a copywriter or content creator, utilize Flipner AI to record your ideas on any subject. Just upload your audio files or dictate snippets directly into the system. Our AI will handle the rest, turning your snippets into well-crafted content.
As an idea and content generator, use Flipner AI as your content hub for snippets and ready articles. We make it easy to collect and store your content, accessible anytime, anywhere.
As a news writer, gather information for news, articles, and other materials effortlessly with Flipner. We help you compile snippets into ready content more quickly. We understand that speed is crucial in journalism.
If you're writing just for yourself and don't have a professional writing background, consider using Flipner as your writing assistant, which will help you turn your disparate snippets into cohesive articles or posts.

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